Tips for staying save on Islands

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Fraser, Moreton, Stradbroke and Bribie  Island is a unique and beautiful natural environment, but it also presents a range of hazards to visitors. Here are some key tips for staying safe on the Islands: Be prepared for the environment: Fraser, … Continued

New Tracking devices

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 Track One Tracking devices We migrated our Tracking devices to Track One last week. These devices are relatively cheap to buy and run. We paid round about $140-00 per device and were able to install all of them by … Continued

Hooning clamp down on beaches

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Safety of our customers always comes first also longevity of our vehicles Please have a read through this article published on 03 August 2021. Make sure you keep to the rules on beaches and Islands. Have a look at this … Continued

Fraser Accident

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Fatal Accident Fraser Island An international tourist has been killed and another seriously injured in a four-wheel-drive rollover on Fraser Island off south-east Queensland on Sunday morning, police say. Police said it was believed the four-wheel-drive with four international tourists … Continued