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Stradbroke Island size

Stradbroke Island  lies within Moreton Bay in the Australian state of Queensland, 30 kilometres southeast of the center of Brisbane. For a long period there were only one Stradbroke Island but in 1896 it split into North Stradbroke Island and South Stradbroke Island separated by the Jumpinpin Channel

Its the second largest sand island in the world at 275.2 square kilometers in size.  

Whale / Dolphin watching

4x4 Hire Stradbroke Island
Dolphins playing in the surf

Stradbroke Island is full of marine life, for whales, you’ll need to be on the Island during the winter migration season.  It runs from July to October over 3000 whales will past the shores of Straddie during this period so you should be able to see at least a  few of them.

Make sure to watch for their water spouts but you will also be able to see them splashing   and fins and tails protruding

Point Lookout is the best spot to see them from because of its elevation. You will also be able to see them all the way along the gorge walk and even from the beach. 

Dolphins can be found in abundance all round the Island. You will see them playing in the surf or swimming in pods in deeper water. They are easily recognized by their dorsal fins and the way they move through the water.

Drive a 4×4 down the beach

4x4 hire Fraser island
4wd Hire Srtadbroke Island

Main Beach on  will offer you miles and miles of  open beaches to explore, These beaches are often less crowded than Fraser and Moreton Island. 

Make sure you have a high clearance 4wd vehicle before you undertake such an excursion. Contact us for the perfect 4×4 vehicle for your needs.

There are also beach camp spots available for the more adventurous. Make sure to bring your own drinking water food and other essentials.

The beauty of Straddie is that you can quickly drive to shops or the surf club for a coffee,  if the camping becomes too much for you. Recuperate and head out again,  fully revived.

4x4 Hire Stradbroke Island
Coffee at the Surf Club

Walk the North gorge walkway

Bring your hat and sunscreen and make sure to walk this route. Its well-formed and easy to walk. You will spot whales, dolphins and see turtles as well.  

You will see birds in abundance and if you are lucky a eagle or two. Walk onto the rocks where the pathway allows it and explore the marine pools and inlets up close. 

Gorge pathway walk

Stay on the Island for a night or two

Why not make a holiday out of your visit,  stay a night or two. There are plenty of options to choose from luxury beach houses to beach side camping

You don’t need a 4×4 vehicle if you are staying in a house, an option that a lot of people will find appealing. For the more adventurous there are beach camping as well. Make sure you have a high clearance 4×4 vehicle if you are thinking of doing this. 

Contact us if you need any help with a 4×4 vehicle.

Beach Hotel Straddie


Straddie has some of the worlds greatest surf spots which you can explore.

The geographical layout of Stradbroke’s headlands and beaches creates great surf on a diverse range of wind and swell conditions.

For a Cylinder Beach webcam go to:

Straddie will provide the perfect wave(s) for pro and novice surfers alike, it will all depend where you are heading out to.

South Straddie surfing