Spanish Mackeral. Caught from Manta Ray Barge ?

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Stories about catching fish can sometimes be taken out of context.

Like this Spanish Mackerel that was allegedly knocked out by the Manta Ray Barge at Ipskip Point recently.

After being shared on the Sunshine Coast fishing’s Facebook page The post got a lot of attention.

What actually happened was that the Mackerel beached itself about 200 meters from the barge, where it was offloading vehicles.

Mackeral’s are known for jumping on to the decks of boats and beaching themselves from time to time. They are ferocious hunters and stop at nothing when pursuing pray.

As the fish were stranded too long they were unable to let it go and therefore ended up on the barge.

Looking forward to my next trip over to Fraser. Who knows what can happen.

Author : Dirk

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