Scarry Incident on Rainbow Beach

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Scary Incident Teewa Beach

Me and a friend were camping on Rainbow Beach on 24 – 25 October 2013. We slept over on the 24 and had really great weather although the fishing was a little but slow due to wind blowing to hard.

On Thursday morning we decided to return home  as  it was also raining.Weather was basically no good.

While driving along the Teewa beach stretch at Rainbow beach at 06:00 in the morning we saw a Land-Cruiser parked really awkwardly. At first it was difficult to  figure out what we were looking at but when we came closer it became more clear what happened.

A camper reversed (I nearly said his name was Rod .Lol),  and were not able to see on his right hand side (blind spot). The rest is history as they say . The Landy’s left front side fell into the embankment and the vehicle nearly rolled over onto it side. The driver got a big fright and sort of hanged over to the right hand side in order to keep the vehicle from topping over. After figuring out that it was save he secured it to a tree with a thin rope.

He then walked down the beach with the intention of getting help. Before somebody saw the incident.

I was unable to stop laughing and thought it was really funny. Especially when the driver calmly said that he would really like to keep the “accident sort of hush hush”. He did not want his brothers to see it and wanted us to quickly help before anyone were able to see. Lol.

We assured him that we will keep it “hush hush”.Lol.

Pulled Out

Long story short we accessed the situation and I hooked my Landy on the right back site of his car and tested what happened if i start pulling. his car sort of topped over to the correct side.

Rod got into his car and we were able to get his Landy out easily.


No Damage of injury

Luckily all ended well. Nobody got hurt and no damage were  sustained. It cough have turned out much worse.

Please let this be a warning to all 4X4 drivers, make sure you can always see where you are driving especially if you are reversing in UN-familiar territory.
Author : Dirk

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