Queensland police crackdown on Beach Hooning

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Internal hooning incident we experienced first hand

We had an incident where we lost a vehicle on 05 September 2021 because of hooning and reckless driving.

I hired a 4.0 Prado to a guy who needed it for one day to use on Bribie Island. He said that it would be used to take his father to the beach for fathers day.  This was definitely not what the vehicle was used for.

The father signed the contract and car was handed over to him. No under 25 drivers allowed in our vehicles. The driver of the vehicle turned out to be 16 years of age on p-plates. He drove over the speed limit fishtailed the vehicle and eventually rolled the vehicle on the inland track on Bribie Island.

I had tracking device footage of how he was driving and also had dash cam footage where he actually rolled the vehicle.

We strongly condemn any hooning incidents and praise the police for prosecuting wrong doers in this regards.

Hooning Bribie Island
One of our vehicles written of by 16 year old Hoon

Police clamp down on Hooning

More than 15 people have been charged with driving offences and a beach party has been broken up after Queensland Police continued its crackdown on hooning activity at the weekend on Fraser Island. The joint operation between Police and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service saw officers intercept multiple drivers along the beach between the Cooloola Coast, south of Fraser Island, and the Noosa North Shore. Officers disrupted a Saturday night beach party near the Noosa North Shore which resulted in a 17-year-old Brisbane male P-Plate driver being given a Notice To Appear for Drink Driving and Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle He also had his vehicle towed and impounded at his own cost.
Fraser Island Hooning
An 18-year-old home Loganholme man also at the party who allegedly spat on a police vehicle has been issued four Infringement Notices concerning his vehicle, totalling mroe than $500. Officers also intercepted multiple drivers through Noosa North Shore, Teewah, Cooloola Recreation Area and Rainbow Beach for offences which included five for drink driving, two for dangerous operation of a vehicle, one drug driver, five for hooning and three for driving withing due care.

Don’t hoon you are contributing to beaches being closed down for 4×4 travel and spoiling it for the rest of us.