New Tracking devices

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Track One Tracking devices

We migrated our Tracking devices to Track One last week. These devices are relatively cheap to buy and run. We paid round about $140-00 per device and were able to install all of them by our self.

Running cost(s) is about $30-00 for 6 months. This a substantial  saving from the $25-00 per month we paid for our previous devices.

You have the option to  disable vehicles for traveling in areas which you can setup as GEO Fences etc.

It gives you a display even if you don’t have reception by saving  points on the physical device and then logging it later (once it receives a connection).

It also gives you warnings for Low Battery, Collision, Vibration, Excessive cornering, Excessive Acceleration, Speed Alarm, Falling, Shift Alarm etc.

Safety feature

By having these devices in your vehicle we can see how you are driving, what time(s) you are traveling and we can see where you are on the Island(s).

This helps is to enforce rules,  that you need to obey,  which leads to a saver more enjoyable trip for us all. 

We do get individuals that does not have respect for other peoples property and safety. People that misuse vehicles and rules.  Speeding on beaches, hooning, driving outside of the allowed hours on beaches (3 hours either side of low tide) will not be tolerated. We do and will fine individuals like these ($500-00 per incident).

If you do keep to the rules we provide you during the handover the GPS system becomes your friend and helper. If you do need help etc we know where you are etc.

Rules that you need to obey (These are there to ensure your safety and also longevity of our vehicle(s)

  • No drivers under 25 years of age allowed.
  • No Speeding.
  • No driving in salt water at any time.
  • No driving above Champagne Pools (Fraser Island).
  • No Driving past Ngkala rocks (Fraser Island).
  • No driving on the beach around Rainbow Beach. Please use the Fresh water route for this (This crossing is really treacherous, not called the car wash for nothing)
  • No Driving at night.
  • Only allowed on the beach within 3 hours either side of low tide.
  • Our vehicle(s) are fitted with tracking devices and we will enforce these rules.
  • No towing allowed
  • No driving on Western side of Island under any conditions. No driving on Northern Road under any condition(s). No travelling through or near Poyugan Creek.