Irakandji found around Fraser Island waters

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Since December 2017 ten people have been treated after encounters with jellyfish in Fraser Island waters. Investigation confirmed that it was the sting of the Irukandji.

Professor catches one within minutes

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Professor Jamie Seymour from James Cook University, cought a Irukandji within 15 minutes of looking. He used a boat with under water lights to attract the jellyfish.

He says that he found one ten years ago but that the tourist industry said that he did not know what he was talking about.

Seems to me that there are quite a few around if you know where and how to look.

Authorities response

Fraser Coast Mayour Chris Loft said that they made an inquiry to the state government regarding the claims

As far as he is concerned its just a lot of media hype. We need to wait for the facts first.Tourism is such a huge industry here, we would do what we can, if it was true

He did however confirm that if the founding were positive that the council would take appropriate action.

Where did attacks happen

All of the attacks happened on the western side of the island (left hand side of island).

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Surf Life Saving Queensland search

On Saturday, a group from Surf Life Saving Queensland arrived to begin their own search. They used marine stinger drags, which are like nets for jellyfish, they searched the areas where people suffering the severe symptoms were stung.

Nothing were found. Possible reason for this was that wind was blowing incorrectly, and were sweeping stingers out to see (stingers are more prevalent if wind blows from north-east).

Swimming on Fraser

If you are considering swimming on Fraser you are sharing the water with massive sharks, deadly jellyfish and also crocodiles.

Its up to you but I only walk into the ocean wearing my trusted waiver when fishing.

Best swimming spots on Fraser are Lake Mvkenzie,Champagne Pools, Lake Waddy, Eli Creek and Wanggoolba Creek. Needless to say all of these are in fresh water.

Fraser is a beautiful spot but it might be safer to just swim in fresh water locations. Do not swim on western side of Island at least.


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