Hooning clamp down on beaches

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Rainbow Beach Hooning

Safety of our customers always comes first also longevity of our vehicles

Please have a read through this article published on 03 August 2021.

Make sure you keep to the rules on beaches and Islands. Have a look at this page to familiarize yourself with the safety regulations.

We do have tracking devices fitted to our vehicles and it does have sensors that will pick up excessive breaking erratic driving and hooning. 

Operation Sand Strike: Cleaning up our beaches

Police and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service officers continued their blitz on hooning activity along the Cooloola Coast and Noosa North Shore last weekend as part of Operation Sand Strike.

A beach party advertised on social media was disrupted on Saturday night at Noosa North Shore with a 17-year-old male P-Plater from Brisbane given a Notice To Appear (NTA) for Drink Driving and Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

His vehicle was also impounded for 90 days and towed from the beach at his expense. An 18-year-old Loganholme man at the gathering who allegedly spat on a police vehicle was issued four Infringement Notices in relation to his vehicle totalling over $500.

Across the rest of the weekend motorists travelling through Noosa North Shore, Teewah, Cooloola Recreation Area and Rainbow Beach were intercepted for offences including:

  • At least five people for drink driving, with one person issued an NTA
  • Two people for dangerous operation of a vehicle (impoundment)
  • One drug driver
  • Four people for type one hooning offences, and one person for type 2
  • Three counts of drive without due care and attention
  • Multiple Traffic Infringement Notices issues for defect vehicles, modified exhausts and other traffic related offences including speed.

Officer in Charge of Gympie Road Policing Unit, Sergeant Chris Watson, said police witnessed a considerable amount of reckless behaviour involving vehicles on the beach over the weekend.

“Unfortunately, as always, it is the minority and their actions that create an unpleasant and sometimes dangerous environment for all beach goers, however we are grateful that no serious injuries were reported,” Sergeant Watson said.

Inspector Pat Swindells said police assisted the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) evict 24 vehicles from the gathering on Saturday, which was the result of anti-social behaviour reported on Friday night.

“If anyone witnesses irresponsible driving behaviours, on the beaches or in the campgrounds, please report it,” Inspector Swindells said.

“Every complaint will be investigated.”

The QPWS and QPS will continue to carry out joint enforcement operations to ensure the safety of campers and visitors to the Cooloola Coast.

QPWS Manager of Compliance Michael Devery said the joint operation over the past weekend was highly effective in responding to a number of incidences of inappropriate and dangerous driver conduct.

“QPWS and the QPS are disappointed by the driving behaviour of a number of individuals and urge all visitors to the Cooloola Recreation Area, including Teewah Beach, to observe all road rules, drive to the conditions and be considerate of others who are enjoying the recreation area,” Mr Devery said.

“This is a warning for people who go to the Cooloola Recreation Area and want to drive dangerously and ignore the road rules. Police or rangers can be anywhere at anytime, and other campers are routinely providing us with videos, photos and registration details”.

“If you misbehave you will be subject to the full force of the law including on-the-spot fines or a notice to appear in court, loss of drivers licence, loss of the right to drive your vehicle for up to 90 days or vehicle impoundment”.

We support police services 100% with these efforts. Hooning on beaches have claimed numerous life’s already. Its dangerous irresponsible and should be rooted out completely.

Safety is paramount while enjoying your 4wd adventure on our beaches. We should not allow a few irresponsible individuals to spoil it for us all.