Fraser Tailor Fishing trip 18 – 21 September 2013

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Fraser Island Tailor Fishing

We  had quite a good tailor  fishing trip on Fraser Island in September 2013.  We  left Brisbane at 16:00 on Wednesday 18 September 2013,  after making sure that we will make the barge crossing  at Tewantin (according to website last ferry was at 18:30). Unfortunately the barge website displayed incorrect info and we had to sleep on the beach at Rainbow beach  for the night.

We made the best of the bad situation, made a nice fire and had a bear or two. Next morning we  were first to board the barge to Fraser. We arrived at Dundaburra camp site at about 11:00 am.

Luckily we travel light (only three blokes with small pop up tents and a lot of bear), and it only took us about 30 minutes to set up camp.

We hit the beach found a nice gully and were on the fish immediately. For the next three days in concession we caught Tailor at random. We used salted pilchards and also had really good results with silver spoons. Tailor were sometimes a bit too deep to reach with normal gang hooks, this is where the spoons worked really well.

We ate fish every evening and I must say smoked tailor tastes really nice. We also cought a lot of  darts and whiting.

We will be back next year more or less same time. You can not go wrong exploring the beaches of Fraser for a good fishing run.

Fraser Island Tailor Fishing
Author : Dirk