Fraser Island Sandy Cape Adventure: 21 – 23 March 2020

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Please take note of the following

We do not allow travel above Ngkala rocks (Fraser Island). You are not allowed to travel above Champagne pools on Fraser Island, in one of our hire vehicles (no travel above Ngkala rocks under any circumstances).

This is just an experience I am sharing with you guys. It will provide information that might be useful to travelers contemplating an excursion like this in the near future.

Preparation and Requirements

I had the pleasure to travel to Sandy Cape (on Fraser Island) a few days ago. What an amazing adventure it turned out to be.

Sandy Cape is the most Northern point you can reach on FraserĀ Island. It is only accessible via Ngkala rocks crossing close to Orchid beach. This destination is not allowed for out hire clients and with good reason as well.

You do need experience of 4×4 sand and rock driving and also a good understanding of local conditions and surroundings. A really reliable full blown off road vehicle is also a must.

Sandy Cape Fraser Island 4wd

Sandy Cape: Is it worth while visiting ?

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Is it worth while visiting you may ask, well short answer definitely. In fact I would advice everybody to add this to your bucket list.

It is one of those places that is not accessible to the masses. You will be part of a elite minority that can state that you were there. You will be off the every day beaten track.

I was amazed at the isolation we experienced for most of the stay we were the only people around.

The desert was definitely the highlight of the meany attractions. It was huge and absolutelyĀ  beautiful. We walked in it for hours without even scratching the surface of its vastness.Ā 

Ngkala rocks Fraser Island

Entrance Ngkala rocks Fraser Island

I would advise to walk the route before you try and drive through the crossing. Make sure the water is is not to deep ans also if the route is safe and accessible for your vehicle. I don’t need to remind you of how difficult this crossing can be. There are numerous google videos to show how difficult this can be.

Once you are sure that you will be able to make it (or maybe make it) send one of your friends as a spotter to help you traverseĀ  the obstacle. Put vehicle in low 4wd maybe second gear and just let it idle over the terrain.Ā 

Make sure you stay in the center of the water crossing as the pathway is quite narrow there.Ā Hope for the best and maybe say a quick prayer if you are a holy person. Lol.Ā 

Keep your momentum on the sandy uphill part as this is usually the part that catches out most travelers.

Most important part, always make sure you are as close as possible to low tide when trying to cross here. Even if you make it at other times you wont be able to travel far before being blocked by the tide.

Exit Ngkala rocks Fraser Island

Same advice applies for returning. You would be close to low tide because you wont be able to reach it any other way.

Do the same as procedure for crossing over just in reverse.

Make sure to walk the path again,you never know how conditions have changed.