Fraser Island Driving Conditions

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Car Hire Fraser Island: Driving Conditions.

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Please read this to ensure you are prepared for Conditions on Fraser Island If you are considering exploring Fraser island please make sure that you have enough experience in off-road driving conditions, especially soft sand driving. If not I would suggest staying away from the inland tracks.

Lack of rain on FraserPajeroAccident1 and the amount of vehicles driving on the inland tracks make driving conditions really difficult. Sand on the inland tracks is really thick and powdery.

The amount of tour operated buses does not help either.Buses get stuck and then make it almost impossible for 4X4 vehicles to pass.

Accident Fraser Island

One of my vehicles was involved in an accident on the 21 September 2013. It was driven by a female driver who lost control on one of the inland tracks close to King Fisher Bay. The car smashed into a tree and was quite badly damaged as you can see on attached photo’s.

It was quite a process to get the vehicle to the main land.


Bottom line, please make sure that you have the necessary 4X4 driving skills for the conditions on Fraser Island. I would advice to stay away from the inland tracks until conditions gets better. Dirk Kotze Vehicle Hire Company Owner.

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