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Insurance Excess

We recommend clients take out Insurance Excess through RentalCover for as little as $16-00 per day – depending on the number of days. In case of an accident or damage to the vehicle the Hirer pays the excess to Island Safaris and claim it back from RentalCover:

Note: Make sure you select “4×4” vehicle, so you are covered for offroad driving.


Cancellations more than 1 month prior to departure are subject to a $150-00 admin fee.

Cancellations made between 30 – 14 days prior to departure are subject to loss of 50% of booking fee (deposit).

Cancellations made less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior to departure are subject to loss of the total booking fee (deposit).

Cancellations made less than 1 week (7 days) prior to departure are subject to loss of the total Vehicle Hire Charges for booked period.

A full refund, minus a $50-00 admin fee, will be given if we cannot accommodate a booking due to unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather events.


If Covid-19 affects your travels during the peak periods: December/January, April (Easter), June/July and September, you will be given a credit voucher that is valid for 12 months, to use at a later date. There will be no refunds.

We are not unreasonable but please keep in mind that we reserved a vehicle for you which could have been hired out to someone else.

Refund for Breakdown(s)

Please be assured that breakdowns do not happen often, but they can occur.

In case of breakdown we will provide you with a replacement vehicle and refund you for the actual time lost on the Island.

Do you need previous 4WD driving experience ?

We do get clients that don’t have the necessary 4×4 driving experience to undertake such an excursion. We will give you enough advise and tips to make your trip doable. Please have a look at the pdf’s and videos in this tips on safety page. It will give you all the basic information that you will need to make your trip successful.

You will need at least good confident driving skills in order to undertake such an en-devour.

Do you have snow driving experience ?

If you have experience driving in snow and ice, you should be able to drive on sand as well. Drivers accustomed to snowy conditions have proven themselves to be reliable sand drivers as well.

Do you need a high clearance 4×4 vehicle

This is really a important point that a lot of people miss the requirement pointed out by Government . According to QLD Park Boards it is required to travel only in high clearance vehicles. This is not only for Fraser Island but Moreton Island , Strathbroke and Bribie Islands.

Only high clearance 4WD vehicles are suitable for Fraser Island’s sandy forest tracks and beaches. Drivers of all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles with low ground clearance may find beach access points and inland tracks impassable.

All our 4×4 vehicles are lifted and are suited for Island travel.


Please contact us to acquire a formal quote. We will match any written quote.

Please click Contact Us, provide dates, destination and number of people in your party, we will then send you a custom quote within minutes.

Emergency Contact

Emergency Numbers:   In an emergency, dial 000.  If you don’t have mobile reception, try 112.

Fraser Island:  Police (Eurong): 4127 9288
Tow Truck Services Eurong: (Lisa): 4127 9188 or 0413 272 205 or (Tuck) 0493 266 599
Fraser Island Taxi: 4127 9188

Moreton Island:  Mechanic/Tow Truck (John): Cell No: 0475563642 House: 34083930
Moreton Island:  Mechanic/Tow Truck (Lincy): Cell No:0414949876 House: 34083545

Can I swim on Fraser Island ?

Swimming is allowed on Fraser island but I would not do it because of sharks, strong currents, salt water crocodiles etc. Please have a look at this link as well Irukandji in FraserIsland Waters.  You can swim in the freshwater lakes and streams on the islands.

Please see this Crocodiles Fraser Island Waters if you need more persuasion.

Tyre pressure

This will be discussed with you in detail when you pick up the vehicle. Most of our vehicles  operate with 18Psi tyre pressure on the Islands.

We will show you in detail how to deflate tyres correctly and accurately. All relevant deflating equipment will be provided.