Don’t drive after dark on Fraser Island, Moreton Island

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This incident happened a few years ago. The driver of this SLK Merc were driving after dark. Sensors in the car became wet which disabled it from driving, the rest is history. Tide came in and the vehicle were lost $60 000 later. Some people never learn.

novice off-road drivers

If you have a look at the images you will see that the vehicle was not fitted with correct tyres for sand driving. A typical novice off-road driver mistake.

4wd car hire fraser island

Do not drive on Fraser Island after dark. You will eventually end up in trouble. Its difficult enough staying save while driving in daylight. This is one of the instructions I give to every driver hiring a vehicle from us.

On top of this tow operators on Island do not operate after dark. So you will be left to your own devices. Responsible drivers do not drive after dark so don’t expect help from other drivers (there wont be a lot of vehicles available to help).

If you drive after dark and the tide is coming in it just adds to the irresponsible stupidity.

4wd car hire fraser island

Summary: Never never driver after dark on the islands. Make sure the vehicle you are driving is suitable for the terrain. Make sure you have suitable, preferably oversize,  tyres fitted. Tyre pressure is also really important. Refer to tyre specifications for deflating instructions.

We instruct drivers of our vehicles to deflate tyres between 16 – 20 PSI . Depending on the vehicle and tyres fitted.

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