Dolphin stuck in rock pool

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Dolphin rescued

A two meter dolphin has been rescued from a shallow rock pool on flat rock off North Stradbroke island after being spotted by divers. They assumed it would make its own way back into the ocean but this did not happen. It was unable to escape from the shallow pool.

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The Rescue

A decision were made to launch a rescue mission after it became apparent that the dolphin was stuck in the pool.

Bad weather was making it difficult and divers were only able to help after thee long days of waiting 

Finally freedom

After a while the animal was caught and assessed by a Sea World vet. Despite its ordeal it was ok to release it immediately.

A stretcher were used to carry the animal out of the lagoon and into the ocean. It was finally free.

Scientists believed it might have been following fish into the pool when getting stuck. It would have starved if left alone.

All ended well as the animal swam towards Moreton Island. It looked as if it knew where its family were hanging out.