Dingo attack on child Fraser Island

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Lone dingo wandering on beach

A young boy have been attacked by a Dingo at Orchid beach on Fraser Island. The boy is nine yeas old and was bitten on his hands and legs. He did not sustain serious injuries.

The boy was walking with his father on the beach past a group of dingoes who was relaxing on the sand. One of the juveniles got up and started following them. The boy turned around and then stumbled and fell over. The dingo then advanced onto the boy. The father managed to scare it off.

Ambulance services said that the boy sustained puncture wounds which was treated by an off duty nurse.

The boy and his family remained on the Island for the rest of the day and went home to NSW the next day.

Rangers are investigating the incident. Tourist are warned not to feed dingoes on the island. 

Save Fraser Island Dingoes spokes person Cheryl Bryant said a known litter of juvenile dingoes were at Orchid Beach at the time. She said that it was a known fact that people have been feeding dingoes in the area and that a incident like this one was inevitable. She was hoping that the dingoes wont be destroyed because of the incident. 

Please be careful when visiting Fraser Island especially if you have young children with you. Dingoes are wild animals and needs to be treated as such. Do not feed dingoes as this will lead to un wanted behaviour etc. 

When provoked by Dingoes never run away as this will encourage them to attack rather stand your ground lift your hands up in the air in order to look more imposing, shout at them etc. It is well known that running away will trigger the hunters instinct in wild animals.

Incidents like these are not common and this should not destruct you from exploring the beautiful Island.


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Dingo on beach