Which 4WD hire company to choose for Fraser ?

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4X4 vehicle Hire Fraser island

4X4 Car hire Fraser Island

This is a interesting Question to answer.

I got the displayed info with complements of tripadvisor website.  We are medium sized 4X4 vehicle hire company operating on Fraser Island, Moreton Island,Strathbroke and also Bribie Island. We guarantee the best service and prices. Our vehicles are in excellent condition and our service is reliable and friendly. Please contact us for a quick competitive and reliable 4×4 self drive experience.  We are so sure that you will enjoy your experience with us that we offer a money back guarantee should something mechanically go wrong with the hire vehicle (excluding flat tires).

Our prices are on average 10% cheaper than our major competitors. Price from $160-00 to $220-00 per day. Depending on the duration of your trip the vehicle you hire and also the time of year.

Dirk Four by Four Business Owner : 4X4 Car hire Fraser Island

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I have looking for a 4WD hire for 3 days in October 2012. I does not have experience but as someone says earlier, we need to start at one time.

I have done some investigation on prices and offer but can not decide. I have called the visitor center who suggests 4 companies (Aussie Trax, Magic, Safari and Dingo)

My question is : which company to choose ?

The most convenient seems to be aussie trax. Maybe the best in term of support on the island as they have an office there. But if I compare to other companies (Magic, Safari, and Dingo), they are 50% more expensive. So, not sure if it is relevant to pay that extra.

Thanks for your help. from Tibo


Hi Tibo,

I have never hired a 4 x 4 so it’s a little difficult to advise the best hirer. So until someone comes on site and give you firsthand experience, have you thought about a Tag along Tour, could be a great way to start your experience of sand driving. Fraser Island isn’t the easiest place to start but it sure is one of the best.

Have a look at these businesses, they give you options. Be careful who you do go with, as excess premiums can be quite high. As I have stated previously just the act of driving through salt water can void your excess resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars.

A tag along is a great way for your first Fraser adventure as they hire 4 x 4’s and they are with you all the way, and if trouble arises they can assist you getting out of trouble. Also advice from the other businesses can normally allay any fears you might have about sand driving. Give them a call and see what suites you best.

Safe travels – Robert


Hi Tibo,

Will you be staying on Fraser? You may be looking at day hire rates from their Fraser Island office for Aussie Trax, which are higher than hiring from their mainland (Hervey Bay) office …?

All 4 of these companies are local companies based in Hervey Bay .. you will need to do a comprehensive briefing prior to taking your vehicle and heading off to Fraser… Safari and Aussie Trax are located in the centre of town on Boat Harbour Drive… Fraser Magic and Dingo are located at the Boat Harbour end near the airport..

If you are looking at accommodated 4wd packages, perhaps it is the accommodation on the island that is making the difference?

As a guide, you should be able to do 3 days / 2 nights, accommodated on the island (say at Eurong Resort), including car hire, barge fees, accommodation, national park fees etc for under $1000.



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