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4×4 Vehicle Hire Fraser Island:  Driving Conditions [fblike style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”]

Because it has not rained for quite some time driving conditions on Fraser Island inland tracks is really difficult. It is definitely only suited for high clearance 4×4 vehicles. Ensure you carry appropriate recovery gear and prepare yourself for quite an adventure.

Vehicles with low clearance or towing and also all wheel drive vehicles  have a good possibility of getting stuck and will have a difficult time clearing the tracks.

Lifted suspension and oversize tires: Standard: 4×4 Vehicle Hire Fraser Island

All our 4×4 hire vehicles has lifted suspension with oversize tires to ensure that you will be able to conquer the difficult track conditions. It is however important that you drive according to your capabilities. If you don’t have sufficient driving experience and don’t feel confident please do not en devour onto the inland tracks. You can see a lot of Fraser island and visit most of the scenery without even using the inland tracks.

Soft sand tracks

Generally the softer the sand the deeper the track trenches will be and while in the tracks you will find that your 4×4 is almost guided by the track itself. This makes it easier to stay on course but can also contribute to problems as it can be hard to get out/off sometimes, on narrow sand tracks in the bush you don’t want another vehicle coming around a blind corner at speed with both of you getting trapped in the same tracks.

Also make sure you know where your wheels are pointing to. It is easy to forget that the wheels are not pointing straight when you are trapped in a track. In these situations it can happen that you get sudden traction and the vehicle then gets pulled out of the track into the direction your wheels are pointing towards.


Rather select Low wheel Drive when you are unsure

When driving on sand there are soft the 4×4 will naturally sink a little bit further into the tracks and create sand track trenches. Low range gears are best for this situation. Low range gears will put less stress on your engine, clutch and drive line.

Use high range and you risk burning your clutch, flywheel and getting bogged as well.

Driving on Beaches: 4×4 Vehicle Hire Fraser

Never drive to fast on beaches as it is difficult to see people on the beaches. Children sometimes do erratic things and might appear from nowhere. Remember that beach dwellers are not able to hear your vehicle because of the waves and wind. Please be careful and alert at all times.

On the beach you have more choices of where to drive, along the shore line, previous tracks or make your own tracks. Along the shore line can be more compact but requires constant momentum and an understanding of waves. Absolutely crucial never to drive through or in sea water. Please refer to vehicle hire documentation for applicable fines relating to this.
Using previous tracks is good as you know that someone has actually been able to drive through without too much hassle, also you will be safer from washouts chased by waves. These can be really dangerous.
Making your own tracks is quite liberating when no one else has laid any before you for a while at least. Keep an eye out for drop offs and trenches caused by the waters when driving on sand.
When stopping on the beach for surfing, fishing or whatever try not to park on or across any tracks that might be there as you could be blocking others from passing though.
Author : Dirk