Planning your 4×4 car hire expedition to Fraser, Moreton, Bribie or Stradbroke islands

Planning your 4X4 Car Hire trip to Fraser Island is the first step to ensuring the success of your trip. A little but of planning before you undertake your trip will make it a much better experience on the long run. Here are some of the things you might consider before undertaking your 4Wd journey to Fraser Island.

Where are you planning to go

Before you decide what to take along on your 4X4 Hire experience it is crucial to decide where you are going, as this will dictate what you need to bring along. The place that you are going to visit will dictate what you need to bring with.

Use the internet to make sure what is available in the area you are going to visit. Please use this popular parks link as a great source of information for your trip.

Is the destination accessible by car or do you need 4X4 Vehicle

Once you have decided on a location you should know if it is accessible by normal vehicle or 4X4 vehicle. This will be a deciding factor in your planning. This is where 4X4 Vehicle Hire Fraser Island comes into play.

4x4 Vehicle Hire Fraser

We have a wide variety of vehicles that will ensure you have a save enjoyable 4X4 adventure to most of the Islands around Brisbane (Fraser, Moreton, Stradbroke ,Bribie and Rainbow Beach).

Please see our vehicle page for more detail on hiring a 4X4 Vehicle for one of the Island’s mentioned above.

Is there fuel available on the Island you are travelling to

If you are using a 4X4 vehicle or even your family car it is important to make sure that there is fuel available at the location. Most of our vehicles are equipped with double fuel tanks that will give you up to 1200-00 km’s of travel which should be suitable for most of your needs. Please consult the nprsr website to ensure there is fuel available at your destination.

Otherwise just make sure that you know more or less how far you are going to travel day per day and make sure that you have enough fuel on board to cater for that. We will be more than able to assist you with this.

First-aid kit and prescription medicines (Planning your 4X4 car hire expedition)

Most of the islands does not have medical help available. It is therefore crucial that you bring your own First Aid kit with on your trip.

Bring adequate supplies of prescription drugs you might need as well.

Its advisable that at least one person in your group should have a current first-aid certificate.

Be Aware that there are marine stingers present in the waters around Fraser island.

Please see marine stinger notice board.

Drinking water

It is always better to take your own drinking water to secluded destinations.

On Fraser island water can be filled up at

Central Station
Dundubara camping and day-use areas
Waddy Point camping areas and day-use areas
Eurong—the tap is located on the beach in front of the QPWS ranger base and police station.

Be aware! It is advisable to treat all other water before drinking.

Water from other taps, lakes or streams on the island is not suitable for drinking unless treated first. Use either water treatment tablets or boil the water rapidly for at least 5–10 minutes.

Recovery Equipment for 4X4 Vehicles

If you are travelling be means of 4X4 vehicle you should make sure that you have amble recovery gear on board. All our vehicles at 4×4 Vehicle Hire Fraser Island comes equipped with the necessary recovery gear you will need on your trip.

4X4 Car Hire Fraser island 4Wd Hire Fraser island

Make sure that you know how to use the safety equipment safely at all times. This video gives you a good idea of what to do.


Camping equipment

If you are going to camp at your destination you can use this list to make sure that you have most items you are going to need (this is a basic list only)

Sleeping Bag
Gas Bottle
Gas Stove for making food
Sun Block
Insect Repellent
Sun Shirt
Warm Clothes (if applicable)
Light (for tent and outside)
Camping chairs

Fuel Stove (Planning your 4×4 car hire expedition)

Use fuel stoves for cooking. Campfires are not permitted (PDF, 73K)* on Fraser Island except in the QPWS-provided fire rings in Waddy Point and Dundubara camping areas, except when a total fire prohibition or ban is in place. Stiff penalties apply.

Test your fuel stoves before leaving on your trip and never use them in confined spaces, such as tents.

A fully-enclosed cooking or heating appliance—not a brazier—can be used at all camping areas unless a fire prohibition or total fire ban is in place.

Only gas or manufactured fuel—not timber or bush wood—can be used in the appliance.
The appliance must be at least 20cm off the ground.

Things for the vehicle

Mishaps or break-downs on Fraser Island can be costly, as rescues are difficult and may impact on the island’s fragile ecosystems. Good preparation is essential and may save you the cost of expensive recovery.

Remember to pack:

spare tyre
well-equipped tool kit
tyre pressure gauge
air pump
tow rope
snatch strap
D shackles
traction mats (in case you get stuck in soft sand)

Extra hints for planning your 4×4 car hire expedition to Fraser, Moreton, Stradbroke or Bribie Island’s

Please make sure you have all of this as well.

Sand pegs, tarpaulins, extra poles, ropes and torches if camping.
$1 Coins for hot showers.
50c And 20c coins for public telephones.
Mobile phones can be handy, but understand reception is very intermittent—consult your service provider.
Don’t bring firearms or fireworks.
Chainsaws not allowed.
Generators are not permitted in formal camping areas but can be used in beach camping areas, unless signposted otherwise.
Smokers gring small sealable canisters for your cigarette butts and only dispose of them in a bin.
See also the frequently asked questions for Fraser Island.




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