46 Kg: Jew Fish Caught in Riversdale South-Africa

Four by Four Hire Fraser Island : Big Jew Fish caught: Pintjie South Africa



This jew fish fish (kabeljou as the locals calls it)  were caught on 8 December 2013 in Pintjie in South Africa by Piet Uys, a close family friend.

My brother and  his friend Piet  set out early on  Sunday morning the 8 of December 2013. They knew that there were a few big jew fish around based on recent good catches that other anglers had (two weeks before this a bloke caught a 74 kg jew fish in Port Elizabeth, not far from Riversdale). They are both locals and knew how to fish (think this is a little bit of a understatement. Lol).

They reached their favorite spot and started fishing. It was not long before they caught two decent eating  size  Jew Fish or Kabeljou as the locals calls it.

At 07:12 AM Piet got a bite and hooked into this monster fish. After 35 minutes the fish were landed and what a beauty she was. It weight in at 46 Kg one of the biggest Jew Fish caught in that vicinity for quite some time.

My brother assures me that there must be same sized fish around Fraser Island and Rainbow beach region as well. I think that fishermen are not  targeting these  fish and seems to settle for the occasional dart and whiting. Might well be worth the effort to try and catch one of these.

4X4 Vehicle Hire Fraser Island

What was the bait they used to catch the monster. Plain old pilchard and octopus. Best time is at night on incoming tide according to the experts.

Big Jew fish like these ones get caught often in that vicinity as they bread in the Breede river (not far from pintjie). Fish between 50 – 60 kg are often caught in this vicinity.
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