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Irukandji found on West side of Fraser Island waters

Surf Life Saving Queensland has confirmed that IRUKANDJI jellyfish have been found off Fraser Island waters. The catch came after three women and a 12-year-old girl were hospitalized after being stung in the Fraser Island waters by Irukandji jellyfish. The potentially deadly Irukandji was found at Arch Cliffe during a drag conducted by lifesavers on […]

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Stranded Trawler Fraser island: 16 September 2017

We came across this trawler stranded on Fraser Island close to Happy Valley on the morning of 17 September 2017. Apparently the boat ran aground at full speed with its nets still in the water trawling for fish. The 26 year old captain and crew bailed chip and were now where to be found. Police […]

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Irakandji found around Fraser Island waters

Since December 2017 ten people have been treated after encounters with jellyfish in Fraser Island waters. Investigation confirmed that it was the sting of the Irukandji. Professor catches one within minutes Professor Jamie Seymour from James Cook University, cought a Irukandji within 15 minutes of looking. He used a boat with under water lights to […]

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Car rolls off barge at Ipskip Point

The incident happened on Saturday morning 31 December 2016, as a group of holiday makers were making the crossing from Inskip Point to the island. The 4×4 slipped off the back of the ferry into the sea. Apparently the handbrake was on but the vehicle was not in gear. Vehicle belonged to a local tour […]

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Inskip Beach Collapse: Was not a sinkhole after all.

Sinkhole Fraser Island With Complements from As was widely reported in the media, at around 10pm on Saturday 27 September 2015, a “sinkhole” opened up at a beachfront campground on the Inskip peninsular. The thing is, it almost certainly wasn’t a sinkhole. History Unanticipated ground collapses occur around the world from time to time, […]

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When is the best time to visit Fraser Island ?

K’Gari or paradise in the local aboriginal language is a world of cool towering rain forests surrounded by brilliant blue oceans and framed by spectacularly colourful cliffs and dunes. The variety of vegetation on Fraser is incomparable. The 200 year old Kauri forests are the only rain forest growing on sand in the world. Wallum […]

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Leopard Seal: Fraser Island

AN INJURED leopard seal found on Fraser Island has been put down by authorities. The seal was found by Rainbow Beach Towing’s Dave Elder about 5km south of Eurong on Tuesday afternoon.  At first he didn’t know what was on the beach. “What the hell is that?” Mr Elder said. “It was a real shock […]

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4X4 Car Hire Fraser Island

4×4 Car Hire Fraser Island While traveling to the most enchanting and inspiring places of the Earth, many people often feel the need to go beyond the usual tourist path and explore the less known and secluded parts of a destination. This could as well be the case of the magical Fraser Island, located off […]

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