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Driving on some of the more difficult parts of Fraser, Moreton, Strathbroke and even Bribie island is not a easy task. You will need all the help you can get from the vehicle you are using. You will need lifted suspension (in fact this is widely recommended by Australian parks board) and over size tyres will also help.

You do not want to end up on secluded beaches and inland tracks with a vehicle that is not suited for the terrain. You dont want to drive a vehicle that does not have enough ground clearance to travel on the inland tracks (some which can be really challenging at times).

We have late 2000 model Land Cruiser 8 and 6 seaters, 7 and 8 seater Prados in our fleet. These vehicles have been customed to ensure you will be able to reach your destination on the islands. Please see this link on vehicle 4X4 Vehicle recommendations for Fraser Island

4x4 Vehicle Hire Brisbane

Land Cruiser 105 Diesel. Little monster truck.

Lifted Suspension

All our vehicles have been specialty adapted for 4×4 vehicle hire conditions on Fraser Island. They all have after market, lifted suspension and also oversize tires fitted. This will ensure your comfort and safety while traveling on some of the more challenging terrain on the island.

Always find out from your hire company if they provide these features, before you commit into hiring (it will save you a lot of trouble later on).

4x4 Hire Brisbane Airport

Land Cruiser Parado 120

Fraser Island 4wd hire :Supplied Tools and accessories

All our vehicles is equipped with tyre gauges to ensure you can easily deflate tyres to the required PSI level. You will be given the correct tyre pressure for the vehicle you are hiring on the day you take possession of the vehicle.

We also supply recovery gear to ensure you wont be stranded. You will only have need for this in rare occasions as the vehicles are more than capable to travel any where on the approved tracks without any hassle.

4x4 Hire Fraser Island

Fraser Island, at low tide.

Servicing / Rust Protection

All our vehicles is serviced according to manufacturer recommendations. Vehicles is inspected after every trip and repairs are made to ensure it is kept in excellent condition. All vehicles is rust protected and goes for rust protection update every six months.

It is absolutely crucial to stay away from salt water. Please do not drive our vehicles through salt water at any time. Vehicles will be inspected when returned and fines will be issued if you did not o bide to this rule.

Always take vehicles for under carriage wash before returning (this is a required clause in the hire contract as well). This is a safety requirement to ensure sand and salt is removed from brakes and other moving parts.

Cheap 4X4 Vehicle Hire Fraser

105 Series Land Cruiser 8 seater.


We are so confident in our vehicles that we give a 100% money back guarantee if you encounter mechanical problems on your trip (this excludes flat tires).
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