Bribie Island: Overlooked Jewel close to Brisbane

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Bribie Island is situated about 45 minutes North from Brisbane airport.

If you stay in the Brisbane facility and think that you need to drive to Noosa or Rainbow Beach in order to enjoy quality camping, this article is for you.

Bribie island can offer you the same experience at less the cost and with substantial travel time savings.

Beauty wise Bribie does not have to give way to the more well known destinations at all.

I am talking about Ocean Beach camp spot in this article. You will need a 4X4 in order to get to the camp site(s).

Please contact us if you need a hire vehicle or camping gear etc. We are currently running special deals for weekend hires to Bribie Island.

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Accessing camp site

I stayed over on Bribie Island a few times over the last couple of years. Not sure what it was then, but the ocean was never clean and were muddy. There were also no waves and I did not really enjoy the experience because of this. We also never had a view of the ocean.

This all changed over the last couple of months though. I think it all has to do with were you go to camp. The ocean is currently crystal clear and if you get the correct camp site you will not be disappointing.

My advise is to have look at the site map and try to book a site as close as possible to the ocean. Inland sites are sometimes warmer, more humid and you don’t have the sea breeze to cool you down. Bush will also clog down your view and you loose the see view.

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If you need a quick get away to clear your head Bribie is definitely one of the top destinations for this.

Break away on Friday afternoon after work, spend the night and then return back to Brisbane rejuvenated after breakfast on the Saturday morning. This works out really well because it is so close to Brisbane and easily accessible. You can be on the beach within 90 minutes, depending on your destination.

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Another visitor.

Camp sites range from A – U. Site Detail. I found that the better camp sites were some of the first once’s (A – D). We stayed on site C6 on Friday night and it was really a great experience.


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View from Camp site Early in morning.

This time of year (April -May) mozzies and other insects is  not that much of a hindrance.

Your kids will love playing on the dunes and open beaches. There are much traffic on beaches than on some of the other camping destinations and therefore leads to a more relaxing experience. We usually play games on the beach until late at night. Make sure kids leave all iPads or simular devices at home. Lol

4x4 Car Hire Bribie Island

Relaxing at night

The view from the site is spectacular and there is wild life in abundance. Birds will wake you up in the mornings and scrub turkeys will move around your tent. To  top it all up there is plenty of fish for the eager angler(s).

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Bacon and Eggs for breakfast

I saw a  school of tuna herding a pilchards really close to the beach. Should be great spot for paddle-ski enthusiast as well.  Also great spot for 4×4 driving and exploring.

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