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Scarry Incident on Rainbow Beach

4×4 Hire Fraser Island Scary Incident Teewa Beach Me and a friend were camping on Rainbow Beach on 24 – 25 October 2013. We slept over on the 24 and had really great weather although the fishing was a little but slow due to wind blowing to hard. On Thursday morning we decided to return […]

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Fraser Tailor Fishing trip 18 – 21 September 2013

Fraser Island Tailor Fishing (18 – 21 September 2013). We  had quite a good tailor  fishing trip on Fraser Island in September 2013.  We  left Brisbane at 16:00 on Wednesday 18 September 2013,  after making sure that we will make the barge crossing  at Tewantin (according to website last ferry was at 18:30). Unfortunately the […]

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Are There Crocodiles in Fraser Island waters

Fraser Island Crocodile Sightings. 4 Meter Crocodile: South Side of Fraser I was also one of the people who thought it was a rumor. Please read these articles and then make up your own mind. Stay out of the water.Lol. Dirk Kotze : Owner 4×4 Vehicle hire company A four meter crocodile was trapped in […]

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Sand Driving

  Tyre Pressures The first thing to do before driving on sand is to lower your tyre pressures. This is done to provide better flotation by increasing the size of your “footprint” and thus dramatically improving your traction. It also reduces the amount of strain on your vehicle and minimizes wear and tear on the […]

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Fraser Island Driving Conditions

Car Hire Fraser Island: Driving Conditions. Conditions Fraser Island Please read this to ensure you are prepared for Conditions on Fraser Island If you are considering exploring Fraser island please make sure that you have enough experience in off-road driving conditions, especially soft sand driving. If not I would suggest staying away from the inland […]

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